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Humpback whale fall sticker Donation Sticker

Humpback whale fall sticker Donation Sticker

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What is a whale fall?

When a whale dies and its carcass sinks to the ocean floor at a depth greater than 1,000 meters in the bathyal or abyssal zones - this is called a whale fall. This phenomenon creates a complex ecosystem in itself, providing a plethora of nutrients for deepwater species for decades. 


This sticker is 3.5 x 1” inches with a translucent background! 

These stickers are waterproof, durable stickers! Perfect for your reusable water bottles, laptops, car windows, etc! 

This product donates to Whales in Mexico, a nonprofit that transforms relationships between people and nature through programs that inspire and empower. They partner with communities in the state of Guerrero, SW Pacific Mexico, to study and protect whales and dolphins, connect thousands of youth and the general public with marine wildlife every year, train and support local boat owners to become informed, motivated protectors of marine mammals and the sea, and facilitate learning exchanges and community organization events that help humans, whales and the ocean to thrive. 🐋 

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