About Us

Fin Pin Shop is run by two women who share with the world our combined passion for marine life through ocean-themed products. We are two biologists who love ocean puns and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Your purchases with us give back to wildlife conservation and scientific research. Together we are helping our oceans!

Jaclyn is an avid ocean advocate. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio University in Marine Biology and a Master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University in Environmental Education. She has worked as an aquarist, marine science educator, water quality technician, classroom teacher, expeditions manager, SCUBA instructor, and even a performing mermaid! She is a volunteer supervisor with her local sea turtle patrol and lives in Florida with her husband, son, and rescue animals. 

Yasmin is an artist and ocean advocate. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tampa in Biology and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Drexel University. She also has her MBA from Florida International University. Yasmin believes art plays a powerful role in fostering environmental awareness and creates all our designs with that goal. There's three things you learn about Yas pretty quickly: She loves manta rays, cats, and turning everything into puns.

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With love,

Jaclyn & Yasmin

Jaclyn and Yasmin with the sea turtle named Greene Bean who was getting ready to be released back to the ocean.

Jaclyn and Yasmin standing in front of a sea turtle mural

Photo by Katie Murray Photography 

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