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Milne Bay Leopard Epaulette Shark Eco-friendly Wood Pin

Milne Bay Leopard Epaulette Shark Eco-friendly Wood Pin

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Have you ever heard of walking sharks? This particular species is Hemiscyllium michaeli, also known as the leopard epaulette shark! It was only described as recently as 2010! They are found in shallow waters and are relatively small sharks. This species is a carpet shark, though much much smaller than whale sharks, the largest carpet shark species!!
Want to learn about the research on this fintastic species? Visit Milne Bay Walking Shark Project

Eco tip: Wooden pins use 20-24x less energy & 24x less carbon emissions to produce than enamel pins!

Love pins but wish there was a more sustainable option?! Our wood pins are the perfect option for you! Made in USA 🇺🇸 & Supports One Tree Planted.  


  • 2” inch wooden pin
  • 2 posts
  • Includes backing card
  • Slight variations in wood darkness may be seen with natural product
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