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Humboldt Penguin Love sticker • donation item

Humboldt Penguin Love sticker • donation item

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This sticker is 3 x 2.3” inches with a translucent background! These stickers are waterproof, durable stickers! Perfect for your reusable water bottles, laptops, car windows, etc! 

Each purchase donates $1 to Penguins International: a non-profit organization committed to preserving and protecting penguins around the world. Read below for more info!

About the penguins:

Penguins International is working in partnership with Punta San Juan in Peru to help provide nest boxes for Humboldt Penguins whose habitat has been destroyed by guano harvesting in South America.

Humboldt Penguins are classified as vulnerable with decreasing populations according to the IUCN Red List. They rely on burrows they dig in the soft substrate of centuries-old breeding sites that have been built up over time from penguin guano (poop). The guano was, and in some instances still is, harvested as a nutrient-rich fertilizer. This has destroyed the breeding sites of many Humboldt Penguins and the underlying ground is too hard for these penguins to excavate new burrows. By installing nest boxes at these sites, the Humboldt Penguins can have burrows once again to protect their offspring from the weather and from predators.


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