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Hookpod seabird enamel pin - donation item

Hookpod seabird enamel pin - donation item

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A world without seabird bycatch is the world we want to see...These pins all donate 20% to Hookpod!

Approximately 600,000 sea birds die each year by getting caught on hooks used in line fishing. A device called the Hookpod, invented by a UK company in Devon, has a clever solution to this problem. The fish hook is covered by a case so birds cannot get hooked. At a certain depth (below the diving depth of indigenous birds) a mechanism is triggered to release the case which floats to the surface and is retrieved to be used again.l

These pins help provide Hookpod’s to the longline fishing industry to protect against seabird bycatch. One Hookpod helps protect against seabird bycatch for 3 years!! These sponsored Hookpods are given to fishermen to trial without financial loss and therefore help to encourage the widespread uptake of best practice.

Learn more about this incredible organization by visiting 

Also check out our blog post!! 

Pin details: 

  • Silver plating, dark blue enamel
  • 1” inch pin 
  • 1 post
  • rubber backing
  • includes backing card
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