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Australian flatback sea turtle enamel pin • donation item

Australian flatback sea turtle enamel pin • donation item

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NOTE: These turtle pins are unique and may contain small scratches or differences in marking - like a real life sea turtle! These pins are truly for turtle lovers! 

The Australian flat back sea turtle (Natator depressus) has the smallest range of the seven sea turtles and is found along northern Australia, the Tropic of Capricorn, and the coastal waters of Papua New Guinea.

Your purchase of this item donates 20% of proceeds to InWater Research Group to help save sea turtles! The mission of InWater Research Group is to promote conservation of coastal habitats and marine life through scientific research and education.

Research: From basic population monitoring to cutting edge science, their research projects strive to increase our understanding of sea turtle life histories, health, and potential threats in order to better promote the conservation of sea turtle species and their habitats.

Education: Developing meaningful and hands-on conservation programs, their educational offerings teach young minds how to be good stewards of the environment while fostering a fun learning experience.

Your donation will directly support research and education programs critical to the continued survival of sea turtles today and for future generations!



  • 1.5 inch length (38.1mm)
  • Green dyed metal 
  • soft enamel + epoxy coating + screen printing
  • smooth texture finish
  • Backing card included
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