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Yoga Shark Eco-friendly Wood Pin

Yoga Shark Eco-friendly Wood Pin

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Our yoga shark is doing his best cobra for you! Maybe we should rename this position to the “Great White”?! 

Love pins but wish there was a more sustainable option?! Our screen-printed wood pins are the perfect option for you!

Eco tip: Wooden pins use 20-24x less energy & 24x less carbon emissions to produce than enamel pins!


  • 1 inch (25mm) wooden pin
  • Screen-printed color
  • 1 post
  • Includes backing card
  • Slight variations in wood darkness may be seen with natural product

Disclaimer: Please be aware the screen-printing layer can be scratched off, as there is no veneer/enamel coating on the pin. We are doing the best we can to be eco-conscious and avoid unnecessary toxic chemicals :) This item is also made of wood, not metal, so as a natural product it can break easier. If you are kind to your screen-printed fishy friend, it will have a long life! 

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