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Fin Palz mini ITA bag shark keychain

Fin Palz mini ITA bag shark keychain

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The world’s 1st tiny shark ITA bag fin! 🦈

💙This project is a collab between best fins @malzpalznyc & @finpinshop 💙 We had so much fun designing and producing these jawsome little keychain bags! They are super fun for all your adventures! 🌊

What is an ITA bag?

An ITA bag keychain is a small, wearable display of your pins or other small items! It's a purse with a clear window that you can display 1-2 of your fave pins (depending on their size -- the display window is approx. 3x3 inches!)! You can also display sea shells, photos, or other small items in the window! 

Product specs

  • 7.5" x 7.5" x 3.5" inches in size
  • 3x3 inch display window
  • Two pockets with zippers 
  • Faux vegan leather Comes with 1 pink insert inside! *Except for the black shark which comes with a grey insert*

Color options - Six to choose from!

  • Original blue shark
  • Tiger shark (silver with stripes)
  • Whale shark (spots!)
  • Lemon shark (yellow)
  • Pink shark
  • Black shark
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