Advocating for marine life through ocean-inspired products.

Colorful valentines day rose gold pins of different sea animals laid out on blue striped paper. Sea animal pins pictured are a manta ray, shark, orca, oarfish, and octopus, all with heart motifs.

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Behind the Shop | Jaclyn & Yasmin

Fin Pin Shop is run by two women who want to share with the world their combined passion for marine life through ocean-themed products. They happen to be two biologists who love ocean puns and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Their products donate to research and ocean conservation while tapping into some important messaging, like respecting our oceans! When you order from Fin Pin Shop, your orders always ship plastic-free! Now that you know who runs this shop, swim on in and show your love for the ocean with this fintastic flair! 


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We are proud commercial members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.
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