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Glow Elkhorn Coral Pin • donation item CRF

Glow Elkhorn Coral Pin • donation item CRF

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Elkhorn coral (Acropora palmatais a critically endangered species of reef-building coral. It was formally one of the most common corals in its range, and today is now rare. This species is closely related to the Staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis). 

Your purchase of this item donates 20% to Coral Restoration Foundation to help restore coral reefs!

  • Hard enamel pin
  • Glows in the dark
  • 1” inch
  • Backing card included
  • 2 posts

Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF) is the world's largest non-profit marine-conservation organization dedicated to restoring coral reefs to a healthy state, in Florida and globally.

CRF developed a method for “farming” and “outplanting” colonies of staghorn and elkhorn

 By hanging finger-sized fragments of these corals to grow on Coral Trees™, [they] can produce colonies that are large enough to be outplanted in just six to nine months.

To date, [they] have now planted more than 66,000 corals back onto the Florida Reef Tract!!

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