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Type D Orca Cetacean • Donation Pin

Type D Orca Cetacean • Donation Pin

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This pin donates 20% to the Hydrophone Project by Orca Conservancy!

Orca Conservancy is trying to raise $50,000 to install and maintain a total of 6 hydrophones. The project ends Friday, December 31, 2021. Let’s get this project funded!! 

What is Orca Conservancy Doing?

In response to the approved permitting Orca Conservancy is working with multiple partners including Microsoft, Orcasound, Soundwatch, WDFW, NOAA, USN, Washington State ferries, and more to mitigate the risk to the SKRW population.

Throughout the course of the next year, Orca Conservancy is working with its partners to install strategically placed hydrophones (underwater microphones) in the south Sound and around the outside of the United States Navy’s Northwest Training and Testing site (NWTTS) located on the Washington coast. The hydrophones will be connected to AI technology which uses machine learning to detect and identify whale calls and notify a user who will then confirm whether or not the audio is a whale or another sound. Once calls have been detected and confirmed an alert will be sent out immediately to selected parties such as the U.S. Military, local ferries, government enforcement and research agencies, and shipping companies to notify parties of the presence of whales to allow vessels to cease dangerous activities (such as military testing) and slow down or re-route reduce any risk of harm and keep waters quiet. The hydrophones are intended to give the Navy an early warning to the presence of whales to allow them ample time to pause or cease their exercises to prevent an accidental Level A take and further protect this population.

Learn more about this FINTASTIC project here:

🖤 Details: Comes in black or blush pink! 🤍 

Can be ordered individually or as a set!

  • 2” inches
  • silver plating
  • 2 posts
  • includes backing card 
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