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Octopi My Heart Enamel Pin

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You Octopi My Heart Pin is a unique pin with two octopis and a glitter heart! This cephalo-tastic pin is perfect for the octopus lover in your life and it donates 15% to octopus research!

Choose between Gold or Rose Gold Metal Plating!

Gold Pin features:
• Gold Metal Plating
• Measures at 2”inches
• 2 post pin with pink heart-shaped backing
• Comes with backing card

Rose Gold Pin features:
• Rose Gold Metal Plating
• Measures at 2”inches
• 2 post pin with pink round-shaped backing
• Comes with backing card

You Octopi My Heart Pin is a charity pin! We will be donating a portion of our proceeds to help fund octopus research at the Florida Atlantic University. Chelsea is studying how to octopus species coexist in a South Florida coastal environment. Octopuses are important animals in many marine food webs. Donations will also help fund a new project on octopus microbiomes, the bacterial community living on the octopus's skin! Not all bacteria are bad, identifying and understanding octopus microbiomes may help us determine why octopuses do not get infections from harmful bacteria. Learn more about octopuses and octopus research on Facebook (Octo Girl) and Instagram ( @theoctogirl).

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