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Greene Bean Suncatcher Sticker • Donation Item

Greene Bean Suncatcher Sticker • Donation Item

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This suncatcher donates 20% of profits to sea turtle rehabilitation in Florida!

This design is inspired by a juvenile green sea turtle we got to name, Greene Bean (pictured in listing!), at a sea turtle rehabilitation center in FL! Greene Bean was admitted to the healing center with signs of GI distress that was caused by parasites. He was able to be released back to the ocean thanks to the amazing care provided at the healing center!

We hope this suncatcher can help raise money to care for more sea turtles like Greene Bean! We think it is so important to help our stranded/injured sea turtles, and have decided to become yearly guardians of these sea turtles! Our donation goal this year is $1200! We are keeping our flippers crossed we can make this happen! 💚

If you want to learn more about the amazing work being done to help save sea turtles, and get a behind the scenes look, check out our story highlight on Instagram featuring a Sea Turtle Conservation Coordinator, Jess Patterson!

Item description: 

  • Measurements: 4.2 x 3 inch sticker
  • Not removable, please stick with care! 
  • For best experience, put on a window which receives direct sunlight! 

Instructions for use:

  1. Clean glass surface 
  2. Wet the glass/window surface (you can use a wet towel, microfiber cloth or spray bottle) - water is your friend here!!
  3. Peel the suncatcher off the backing paper and place adhesive side on the glass surface
  4. Once you have the suncatcher placed exactly where you like, gently squeegee out the excess water and air bubbles, making the suncatcher stick to the glass
  5. Once the air bubbles and excess water are out from under the sticker, you can dry your window 
  6. Enjoy!! 🐢💦🌈✨ 
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